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I am The Best 100 Million views ♥♥♥ Congrats 2ne1 and Blackjacks #IamTheBest100Million

happy 2ne1iamthebest100million everyone! ~ Neil



In light of SM Entertainment's statement that Jessica would be leaving Girls’ Generation, netizens have been sharing photos of the girls at the airport, in Incheon of what appears to be them wearing Jessica’s glasses, "BLANC".

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“We can only shine brightest as SNSD when SNSD stands on one stage as nine.” —Kwon Yuri

Even though I’m not a massive fan of Jessica, she’s an integral part of SNSD - as are all the members - and I genuinely can’t imagine what it will be like without her. What hurts the most is that the choice to leave was made for her - not because she was involved in some sort of awful scandal (as in she’d done something bad), which I would understand, but because she basically achieved her goals in the fashion industry and wasn’t in the right place at the right time. I just hope the rest of the members are able to stay strong in this difficult time - after all, they’re not just in the same group, they’re best friends. SNSD, fighting~!

All my love to the girls,


Kakaotalk Emoticons comes to life

I cry only today
wishing happiness forever, goodbye
you can think of me and smile sometimes

i’m fine thank you, thank you

❥ R.I.P Eun Bi + Rise

Even thought Neil’s already made some posts about this I wanted to contribute myself. Ever since their début, Ladies’ Code has been a group close to my heart, and it pains me to think that such wonderful human beings had such a tragic event befall them. I don’t know what’s going to happen with the group in the future but whatever happens I’ll support the surviving members with all my heart. It’s difficult at the moment because everything’s so fresh, but I endeavour to remember RiSe and EunB with a smile - after all, such lovely girls should be celebrated. Rest in Peace, unnies


Fans will be gathering on September 8th for an all-day vigil in cities around the world at night, to light a candle in memory of Ladies’ Code EunB and RiSe. 

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Although Rise & Eunbi left us too soon, there’s comfort in knowing the two of them are in heaven keeping each other company. Maybe they’re even playing their favorite game of air ping pong ♡  RIP EUNBI & RIP RISE


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R. I. P. Go Eunbi (1992-2014)

I hope you’re okay now, angel. #RIPEunB

such a dreadful day for everyone. EunB was a wonderful person, it doesn’t matter whether you are fans or not, please pray for her soul and for other members recovery xxx



The colors of K-Pop

This is pretty cool :3


CWT37的新本-花生醬小精靈 :D數調進行中

C U T E !!!!!! ^

This was my first ever K-drama ;u;

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