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This was my first ever K-drama ;u;

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Best x’3

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what is even going on

I present Block B xD ~Neil

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— CL

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hello! the lovely chiyisa got me a free alpacasso just now! like this!

use her link here, and sign up and get $5 free without any purchase!!

that’s five dollars off the alpacasso, and then another $5 off & free shipping with chiyisa's link, so that gets rid of the entire cost!! i did the thing just now and i think it’s pretty cool!! you also earn one cent from buying the thing

don’t believe me? well you suckk no harm in trying right?

**** if you guys want to promote your link for the money, that’s cool too, but since this is a total of no money, she doesn’t earn anything and i think she is super cool for doing this. *****

It works, guys. Buy this kawaii motherfucking shit and place it on your goddamn shelf because you deserve a free damn alpaca

Sorry about that!! You can still use the 5$ off though, and that’s pretty cheap^^

Fancy a £2.45 alpaca, Neil? XD

Just a Harry Potter joke x3

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a kitten trying super hard to fight a ceramic cat statue


Cute things you can do in Japan :3 except for the last one (@n@)

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